Experience the unfelt through the journeys to the offbeat places.

Admire the colorful flower markets of Pondicherry with their long garlands to ornate gods statues, newlyweds etc prepared by the skilled men who make them so deftly in front of your eyes.

Watch the 300 years old unique local folk dance performed by the “Siddhi” community in Gujarat for their celebration after returning from a successful hunting expedition.

Watch the ‘Agarias’ of the Rann the major salt manufacturers of India locally withstand the great difficulties of living on the edge of the Rann as they prepare salt.

Take the small country boat canoe ride through the canals to see the real unspoilt beauty of Kerala.

Pamper your taste buds with the authentic local food prepared in most traditional ways.

Feel the magic stuffed in your mouth with Paan the most popular mouth freshener in the North India that is made from a mixture of betel leaves along with multiple fresheners such as saunf, elaichi, gulkand, many more delightful flavors and ingredients.

Presenting to you the simplest meal that will fill your belly with content and leave you with the taste to linger on.

Sip some of the world's best coffee grown in Coorg that passes the cheer right from the cup directly to your heart.

Connect with the locals and feel the uniqueness of India’s cultural diversity.

Feel the connection with yourself on a spiritual level with the Ganga Aarti at Varanasi – a mystical tradition of thousands of years on the banks of holy Ganges

Your travel to Kerala remains incomplete till you do not witness and relish the famous one meter chai – the name proudly owned by its locals.

Gaze at the green carpets of country side fields with the villagers harvesting water for the paddy.

Watch the weavers crafting the finest hand woven silk Patola sarees – traditionally belonging to the royal and aristocratic families.

Stay at the most exclusive places handpicked from many choices only to create the best of the memories for you.

Get astonished by the magnificent mansions of Chettinad with their large verandas, pillared passages and the traditionally one-of-its-kind huge rooms.

Experience the history of the Royal Rajasthan by living in a Fort hotel that keeps its inheritance alive for the right kind of travellers.

Spend your stay at the beautiful and picturesque farm side resort that will give you the real feel of Punjab.

Gift yourself a stay at a camp far away from the madding crowd, one that will rekindle your love for nature and leave you satisfied and yearning for more.

About Our Tours

At MAI all our tours are designed based on a process called ESCV - E(Explore)S(Shortlist)C(Create)V(Validate).
We Explore the region first completely and do a lot of research about its diversity, culture, cuisine and people. We work of every minute detail & Shortlist the destinations, experiences, stays, activities etc. We then experience each and everything to curate further and Create the itinerary with the best of curated ones. After that our team repeats the itinerary as if they were doing the real tour to capture the experiences in the camera. Once the product is created, we do a soft launch for all MAI fans to Validate the product and further invite improvements and changes to finally launch it for all our customers.
Our Tours offer LOTMORE than others
We strongly believe in our motto of LOTMORE - “Less on Travel, More on Real Experience” so that maximum of your time is being utilised creating memories and stories to take home. We have very specic holiday plans to offer you -these stand us out from the rest! All our tours are assembled in groups with variations as per your t i.e. Solo, Couple, Men Only, Women Only, and Students special So that you not only enjoy the tour but enjoy similar company of friends. These tours are lead by our knowledgeable tour directors and our local guides, wherever necessary.

All our tours are designed Based on a model called SELF! (Stay, Experience, Living, Food)


Our stays are classy and authentically local with full comfort. They offer some amazing local food, experiences and hospitality. Each stay is selected only after going through a lot of “filteringDone-from-the-many” done by our team, specifically on the basis of the location – which in turn become our major USP for the stay. Most of the stays are either owner driven or are a part of hotel chains focused on experiential travel, in an expert way. The hosts at every stay are friendly and warm people.


How many times on a holiday have you gone to see something but, felt that it was not worth spending that time on a particular sightseeing or experience? Hence, we take you through the curated experiences selected out of many. We go and feel it ourselves first - to give you nothing but the BEST. We capture the moments and select the highlights from each one of them to use those to create an experience like no other. We believe life is too short to miss an experience or take one twice.


In order to appreciate a different cultures you must first live it. So, on all our holidays we connect you with the local people and their chores. Every place we visit is a learning experience if you see closely. Some teach you peace of mind and some give you the feeling of adrenaline rush. We also celebrate a traditional day with local attire to immerse yourself into the place you travel. We guarantee you that this will be an ultimate experience. Also, the most celebrated picture of you on Social media .


Food is one of the important components while you travel. We insist you to experience only the local food so that you really know the region and it’s cuisine. India is a very vast country and guess no one is really aware of exactly how many cuisines we have. The ‘sambhar’ changes its taste by every few hundred Km in the South, the Kachori changes its size and taste with every different region in the North. So, if you have tasted most of it, we insist you to take our tour once to really validate that for yourself.

MAD ABOUT INDIA – The Book on Experiential Travel In India Our CEO Mr. Rajnikant who is an explorer and have been extensively travelling in India since past decade have published a book “Mad About India” . All the products are designed by him along with his team to give you the best travel experiences in India.

Experiential Travel in India

The next emerging travel trend

All types of travel are experiential in some way. Be it luxury or adventure or wellness or wildlife and birding etc. But, experiential travel is primarily based on various kinds of experiences like culture, heritage, living, food, nature which are mildly adventorous and can be done by anyone provided the person enjoys these kind of experiences. Most of the mature and the new generation of travellers are now moving towards these new trends. Let me explain about the concept of experiential travel in detail with a few examples.

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